Enemies, A Love Story

Libretto for the opera “Enemies, A Love Story,” music composed by Ben Moore, which had its world premiere at the Palm Beach Opera on February 20, 2015.  Based on the novel by I.B.Singer, the story is both farce and tragedy. It follows a Holocaust survivor who juggles three women as he searches for love and decency.


Fred Plotkin (WQXR/ Operavore): “…The libretto, by Nahma Sandrow, was one of the most effective texts I have encountered in a long time and it has been set to music by the excellent Ben Moore.  The score is melodic and atmospheric while at the same time being emotional and specific in depicting all of nuanced turns in the plot.

The cast of North American singers was, in general, outstanding, as was the work of conductor David Stern…  I am convinced that this production, with its sets perfectly geared to play in other theaters, may find itself staged at numerous opera companies in America and abroad.”

Heidi Waleson (Wall Street Journal):  “…Set to a deft libretto by Nahma Sandrow, Mr. Moore’s music is unabashedly tonal and accessible.  He writes idiomatically and lyrically for voice, and each of the women is acutely characterized and impeccably performed….”

George Loomis (Financial Times): “…With a taut libretto by Nahma Sandrow, the opera maintains the film’s arresting combination of breeziness on the surface and darkness underneath, while giving its characters new life…”

Jack Gardner (EDGEMEDIANETWORK):  “Ben Moore is one of the most well respected of the contemporary American composers….Librettist Nahama [sic] Sandrow took Isaac Bashevis Singer’s 1972 novel and turned it into a moving and effective piece of theater.  Combined with Moore’s music, it made for an emotionally powerful evening.  …

‘Enemies, A Love Story’ has a high likelihood of remaining in the operatic canon for a long time to come…  a vocally and musically beautiful, emotionally moving performance.”

Robert Croan (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette): “Palm Beach Opera’s world premiere production of Ben Moore’s ‘Enemies, A Love Story’ was a major area event, attended by a glittering, enthusiastic crowd.  Mr. Moore’s easy-to-listen-to melodic style, combined with Nahma Sandrow’s lucid libretto and a brilliant staging by Sam Helfrich… translated into immediate audience approval.  This operatic ‘Enemies’ was a really good show.”